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A Highland feast of poems, whisky, music and haggis

Saturday 28 January 2023 Burns Supper

What a wonderful night we had last Saturday, celebrating Robert Burns' birthday with guests and friends!

We started with an excellent whisky tasting by Gordon Muir, who magically opened our tasting buds to the complex delights of whisky and prepared our palate for the four-course dinner by Chef Mark Heirs.

The Chieftain o' the pudding race was piped into the Highland Dining room and addressed with the traditional Ode to the Haggis by our local friend Scott. Quite a few people in Scotland know the poem by heart and seem to be almost transformed when reciting it as if possessed by the spirit of Robbie himself!

After dinner, our local music legends Pete MacCallum and Jonny Hardie, with their guitar and fiddle, led us through the delights of Scottish traditional folk music, including some of Burns' tunes and their own compositions.

All in all, a memorable night.

The great news is that we don't have to wait another year for it. In fact, we often gather our talented performers and host a Burns supper for our guests, whatever the time of the year, any excuse is good! Our guests love dressing up in traditional Highland dress and learning about our traditions and heritage.

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