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Corporate Retreats Are Back

After (too) many months doing business over zoom we were thrilled to welcome back corporate guests for a Candacraig retreat.

Think tanks, workshops and motivational sessions are often key to the morning agenda. Our drawing room is known for inspiring creativity and big ideas. The whisky library and billiard room are unique break-out rooms, by their very nature they encourage discussion and thought.

Lunch is served in the house or the great outdoors. Nourishing foods using the finest local fare or a succulent grill in the great outdoors are sure to power up energy levels for the afternoon ahead.

Hiking with our local guides and foragers in the nearby hills is a fantastic remedy to clear the mind and encourage more creative flow. Not to mention the outstanding scenery and exceptional views.

Winding down the evening is easy in our beautiful calm surroundings, absorbing all the day’s goodness. A mouthwatering dinner complimented by a whisky or wine tasting will have you relaxed and ready for a perfectly cosy night’s sleep.

Those who like to burn the midnight oil are entertained by our musically gifted neighbours who love bringing Scotland’s folk music and songs to life. Whether it's toe tapping or a burl around the room the experience is guaranteed to raise a smile. A perfectly fun way to round off the day.

Sittingroom 7 min

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