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History comes to life in Donside

The Lonach Gathering

Every year on the 4th Saturday of August

Last Saturday, and for the last 200 years, the streets of Donside witnessed the March of the Lonach Highlanders, all members of The Lonach Highland and Friendly Society, founded in 1823.

Membership for the society is drawn from the inhabitants of Strathdon, who continue to fulfill the society’s original mission of preserving Highland dress and “supporting loyal, peaceful, and manly conduct; and the promotion of social and benevolent feelings among the inhabitants of the district.”

The 7-mile and 4-hour-long march marks the opening of the local Highland Games, a wonderful day of competitions in athletics, heavy sports, Highland dancing, and bagpipe playing. Sportsmanship, tradition, and heritage come together to create a day of community spirit and family fun.

The Lonach Highland Games are one of the oldest and most iconic events in Scotland, but there are many other Highland Games in the villages near Candacraig during August and September. They are a unique opportunity to experience Scottish traditions kept alive through centuries with great pride and dignity.

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