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Eugene Levy's first visit to Scotland

Candacraig featured in the second series of this popular show
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The second series of The Reluctant Traveler premiered on Friday 8 March 2024, featuring Scotland and our beautiful Candacraig.

We had the pleasure of hosting the wonderful Eugene Levy last summer, when, for the first time in his life he visited the country where his mother was born.

Eugene's Scottish journey took him to learn more about his family tree with the help of an expert genealogist, visit Glasgow, where his mother lived until she was 13, have his kilt made by a local kiltmaker, and finish off his stay at Candacraig with an exhilarating ceilidh.

Don't miss this episode. It is rich with wonderful images of the Highlands and Candacraig, funny moments of dry humour and moving scenes. Scotland never fails to stir big emotions, whilst Eugene slowly reconnects with his mother's early years and the traditions of her country of birth.

All our guests can experience Scotland's authentic traditions whilst staying at Candacraig. You'll just have to come and stay to find out...

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