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Scotland is home to the world’s greatest concentration of Whisky production with over 140 malt and grain distilleries. Candacraig is perfectly nestled in whisky territory with access to some of Scotland’s finest distilleries. A few favourites close by are Royal Lochnagar, Glenlivet and Tomintoul.

Royal Lochnagar is a timeless experience, renowned for its age-old traditions and craftsmanship that produce one of Scotland's most exclusive whiskies. The distillery is close to Balmoral Castle and the majestic mountain Lochnagar in Royal Deeside and is one of only five with the coveted Royal warrant.

Tomintoul is a relatively modern distillery, it is also one of the few remaining independent ones. Built in the 1960’s it uses traditional techniques stretching back hundreds of years to produce its award-winning single malt, “the gentle dram”.

The secluded hills surrounding the village have a long history of illicit distilling. By 1820 as many as 14,000 illegal stills were confiscated each year! In 1797, the local minister of Tomintoul wrote that “Tomintoul is inhabited by 37 families, without any industry. All of them sell whisky and all of them drink it. When disengaged from this business, the women spin yar, kiss their inamoratos or dance to the discordant sounds of an old fiddle”. Sounds like they were all having a lot of fun in those days in Tomintoul!

Traditional techniques that stretch back hundreds of years are used today to make an award-winning single malt, made superbly smooth and mellow by the clean air, the fresh water and this unique environment. The village of Tomintoul is the highest village in the Highlands of Scotland and is located in one of the driest parts of Scotland with the Cairngorms plateau intercepting much of the rain coming from the West.

The Glenlivet, shortlisted for Europe's Leading Whisky Distillery Tour 2022 and the world's second best-selling single malt, sits in a wild and remote glen, its history laced with drama and intrigue. Made in the Scottish Highlands since 1824, malt from Speyside and mineral water from The Cairngorms National Park are distilled in traditional lantern-shaped stills and then matured in oak casks, giving The Glenlivet its smooth, rich and fruity flavour. During your visit fill your own bottle which you can also personalise for an extra special touch. Don’t leave without spending time in the sample room - a feast for the senses.

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